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Skills Passport

Nor Cal Rush Soccer is proud to introduce a Skills Passport for the recreational level. This will encourage the players to practice the technical aspects of moves and turns so that they can master them to become skills. By mastering the techniques and demonstrating them to any of the Rush coaches (Rec or Comp) the players will earn stars which will lead to level up their passport. 

  1. The new Copper skills passport will be given out to every player in the recreation program (Fall or Spring rec plus and Summer or Winter Jam). 
  2. Players need to demonstrate the skills to any of the Rush coaches to gain their star
  3. Once they have achieved 5 stars they have mastered that skill.
  4. Having achieved 5 stars in all of the required skills, the player will "level Up" their passport.
  5. This new Bronze passport will have the original 5 skills plus 5 more. 
  6. Players need to demonstrate the original five skills, to a different Rush coach than they did in the previous passport, and demonstrate the 5 new skills. 
  7. Having achieved the 10 stars of the Bronze passport they will receive the Silver passport. 
  8. The Silver passport will have the 10 skills from the copper and bronze passport and a further 5 skills. 
  9. They have to demonstrate the 10 previous skills to any Rush coach and then the 5 additional ones to receive the gold Gold Passport 
  10. Having achieved the 15 stars of the Copper, Bronze and Silver passport they will receive the Gold passport. 
  11. The Gold passport will have the 15 skills from the copper, bronze and Silver passport and a further 5 skills. 
  12. Having achieved all three passports players will need to demonstrate all 20 Skills to the Program Director, Enrique Blancas to complete the Gold Passport. 

To the right there is a link so you can watch a video of each of the skills  


Click on any of the skills below for demonstration videos

Dribbling with outside laces
Pull Back Turn
Inside Chop
Outside Chop

Print Your Own Passport

Have your child keep their passport in a zip lock bag

Here are links to reprint lost or ruined passport

Copper Passport 
Bronze Passport 
Silver Passport

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