College Coaches Decide In 8 Seconds To Keep Watching Your Video or Delete it. 

We have tips to create a video college coaches will watch, peak their interest immediately and keep them watching, straight from college coaches!

  • Things college coaches want to see
  • Things college coaches don't want to see

To create a video college coaches that grabs their interest immediately and keeps

them watching, see our secret tips below, directly from college coaches just for iSoccerPath players.

Things college coaches want to see

  • Keep it under 4 minutes
  • Make it yourself- Parents tape games and you choose your highlight clips you want in
  • Elevation- try to video games from a little higher up then afield level
  • Music- Remove all music and background noise. No sound
  • First 5 plays- put what you think are your 5 best highlights first
  • Make it personal- the first 8 to 10 seconds should be you talking to camera-introducing yourself
  • Show different types of play- include a few seconds before you receive ball and a few seconds after to show your movement
  • Make sure you are marked with an arrow or some type of highlight marking system
  • Goalkeepers- You can use 1 to 2 minutes of GK training in your video since you may not get a lot of action in game
  • Mention other team if they are a top ranked opponent- If your playing a great team- add that at the bottom of the screen
  • Post to YouTube, Vimeo or create a link that can be easily shared.
  • Add updated footage as you get it. As you go thru season add current video and delete the older stuff when you were younger

What coaches don’t want to see

  • No juggling
  • Don’t speed up or slow down the video
  • Don’t show just scoring plays- show receiving ball, playing with both feet, defending, tackling, one v ones
  • Music choice – Leave off
  • Full half or full game video- coaches will let you know if they want one of these
  • Do not add in high school game film if you avoid it- this level of play is not the college level the coaches want to see you in
  • Do not put a resume page/picture at the start of the video- see MAKE IT PERSONAL above