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Parent Guidelines

Northern California Rush makes a commitment to you that we will work hard to provide a fun, educational, and safe environment in which your child’s soccer and their team skills can grow. We will treat you with respect, in our words and actions, and expect the same courtesy from you, our players and parents.

Basic Guideline for Parents

  • Provide unconditional love and support regardless of the game’s outcome
  • Ensure that your child arrives to all practices and games at the designated time
  • Remain seated in the spectator area during games
  • Do not yell instructions or criticism to any player
  • Make no derogatory comments to players, other parents, fans, or officials
  • Do not interfere with your child’s coach, except to draw attention to an urgent safety issue
  • Let the coach be responsible for your child during games
  • Support and represent the club in a positive light on and off the field. By enrolling your player in our program your family is also making a commitment to our program

Practices & Games

  • We welcome you to attend and watch practice, but please remain in the spectator area during practice activities
  • For the good of the team, it is important that all players attend all practices and games. We recommend that soccer practices and games not be used as a punishment. If a player must miss practices or games, please discuss the situation with the coach
  • It is understood that school academics are the top priority. Please help your child to organize and prioritize school, athletics, and other activities
  • Please work to be creative in scheduling doctor’s appointments, tutoring, etc. so as to not consistently coincide with soccer practice

Topics that we encourage you to discuss with your child’s coach

  • Both mental and physical treatment of a player
  • Discuss ways to help the player improve
  • Concerns about a player’s behavior

Topics that we ask you to refrain from discussing with your child’s coach

  • Playing time that falls within the Northern California Rush Competitive Guidelines. 
  • Team Strategy
  • Any player that is not your own child

Play time guidelines: Academy and 3rd division competitive team players will play at least 50% of all regulation games. 1st and 2nd division teams and all tournament games are at the coach’s discretion. Missed practices and disruptive behavior are grounds for less than mandated play time.


All practices and games must be canceled if any of these conditions exist during the practice/game time slot:

  • the temperature is 104 degrees or higher

  • the air quality is 151 or higher (

  • lightning is in visual range

  • fields have been closed by the City

Please take a moment to review our weather policies below. Thank you!

NorCal Rush Soccer Club Rain Policy:

  • All games and practices will carry on as scheduled in light rain

  • If the fields become too wet to play on, Parks and Rec will notify us of any field closures. If fields are closed by Parks and Rec, Norcal Rush Staff will notify you of cancellations as soon as possible. You can also view filed status below.

  • If the weather worsens during practice or a game, staff or coaches will make the decision at the fields on whether or not to resume playing.

Norcal Rush Soccer Club Lightning Policy: 

  • Lightning 10 to 12 miles away: Warning zone

  • Lightning 6 to 10 miles away: Clear the fields and seek shelter

  • Lightning 0 to 6 miles away: Danger zone, seek shelter immediately!

  • Returning to play: Players can return to the fields 20 minutes after the last strike that is 10 or more miles away.

*Please note that if there are less than 20 minutes left in practice/games or the storm does not appear to be passing quickly, we will end practice/games instead of delay.

Where to Seek Shelter From Lightning:

  1. Cars of parents or coaches

  2. Park bathrooms

Where NOT to Seek Shelter From Lightning:

  • Under a tree (or near any tall objects)

  • Under or next to a soccer goal

  • Under an umbrella

  • Near water

Thank you for your understanding, and for educating your players on field safety!

Reference article: It's OK, You Can Play When It's Cold Outside


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