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Sep, 2021

Core Value Highlight September: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Article By: Niamh Lambert Fremont Rush Topics Editor

The golden rule taught in school is “treat others the way you want to be treated”, which basically boils down to show respect to everyone around. Respect for your teachers, classmates, and everything around you. Here at Fremont Rush respect still holds it’s rank as that golden rule. When September rolls around however, that emphasis on respect increases, as it is our Core Value for the month. 
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Respect is instilled in every player at Fremont Rush. Coaches emphasize everyday at practice the importance of sportsmanship. They make sure that the player that joins and  and plays for their teams is respectful to everyone around them, even when the situation is tense. The coach of our 2006 girls team, Janelle Herrera, shared with me ways she teaches her players the importance of respect. 

“I teach my players respect by being a model of respect, treating my players, referees, and parents with the utmost respect. Some players tend to follow your actions rather than your words, so it’s important to show respect in all aspects.”

Coach Janelle went on to share how she keeps mutual respect consistent through the players on her team.

“When there is an incident at practice I bring them in and talk about what’s going on. These girls are getting older and I want them to be able to express in a positive manner what they are feeling and how as a team we can help that player.”

She also talks to players about ways she would show respect on the pitch when she was playing.

“I showed respect when I played by encouraging everyone around me to play to the best of their abilities. When there was an issue I would listen and talk about different ways to resolve it.  I also trusted my coaches to provide me with the proper guidance to succeed.”

Lastly, coach Janelle gave insight to why respect is so important when you're on the pitch.

“Respect is important while playing because it builds trust. In order for a team to really listen and take in all the information provided they have to first trust you. Being respectful while playing keeps the game fun, after all that’s what it’s really all about. Plus it doesn’t hurt to be on the ref's good side either.”

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