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Sep, 2021

A Reminder To Always Hydrate From Fremont Rush!

Article By: Niamh Lambert Fremont Rush Topics Editor |

“Hydrate!” Every player has heard this word from their coach during practice, at half time, or even thrown into a text the night before a game, but why exactly is it so important for players to stay hydrated? The answer is simple, hydrated players perform better. 

Before we can get into why hydration is important, we have to understand where hydration comes from. Obviously a glass of water or a bottle of Gatorade is what we drink to rehydrate ourselves, but it’s the electrolytes those drinks contain that do the work.  Electrolytes are minerals that are responsible for directing water in the body. They help tell the body what needs to be hydrated most urgently. This is vital for an athlete wanting to perform well.  

Water helps regulate the body’s temperature, something extremely important when playing. As players run, their body temperature increases. The body of a player who is dehydrated will not be able to regulate their body’s temperature, causing the player to become tired and fatigued, lowering their overall performance. A poor performance leads to less time on the field, something no player wants to experience. The body of a hydrated player, however, is capable of regulating the body temperature throughout the match. This keeps the player energized and the level of play at a high degree. 

Dehydration can present itself in a multitude of ways, from dry skin to poor sleep, but the most common sign of dehydration is thirst. It’s easy to recognize, that dry, uncomfortable feeling in your mouth is something that we’ve all experienced. The easiest way to fix it is to drink a glass of water, or Gatorade. These fluids will help to rehydrate the body.

Hydration is more than just taking a few sips of water before the match starts though. Being hydrated means that a player has been drinking plenty of water, gatorade, or other electrolyte drinks a day or two prior to kickoff. In addition to drinking beverages that contain electrolytes, players can consume foods that contain high volumes of these minerals. These foods include kale, beans, almonds, and potatoes. 

Stay hydrated and Go Rush!


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