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Aug, 2021

Hugo Perez - Director of Methodology

Article By: Niamh Lambert Fremont Rush Topics Editor | Photo Credit: Niamh Lambert

Hugo Perez, the director of methodology at Fremont Rush and head coach of the El Salvador national team, stopped by the pitch this week to run a special practice for our 2011 girls team, and share his insights on the game. 


Hugo Perez is the director of methodology at Fremont  Rush, but his soccer career began well before. He played professionally for the US, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and his home country of El Salvador. He was inducted to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2008, after being named U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year in 1991. Perez has since gone on to lead the men’s El Salvador National Soccer Team to the quarter final as head coach in the 2020 Gold Cup. 

Perez led the 2011 team through an intense training, focused around ball control and field positioning. By the time the practice was over, players were on the floor, dripping in sweat from the training they had endured, but nonetheless the girls were happier than ever as they got to train with a professional coach. 


“It was really hard but so fun! I still can’t believe we were coached by the head of a real pro team.” -Adalia Saha

When the training was over, I was given the opportunity to talk with Coach Hugo and learn about ways he changed the game for El Salvador.

“The biggest thing I’ve tried to change for El Salvador is the mental part. The mentality in how you train, how you play, and most importantly to get players to believe in themselves.”

He goes on to talk about ways he’s taken that focus of mentality in El Salvador to the youth side as Head of Mythology here at Fremont. 

“First goes to the professional COACHES we have right now, making sure they put the players first and really focusing on them and their abilities, and secondly those coaches have to believe in the philosophy of Fremont Rush and pass it on to the players. There’s a lot of technical stuff here, but more importantly building their confidence in themselves, and once you get players to believe that then the coaches have to be persistent in having them believe in themselves”


While self confidence is key in becoming a good player, it’s not the only thing that should be focused on. Ball handling and working at home is something that Coach Hugo stresses to all his players

“The more you practice, whether it’s at home or at the pitch, the better you become with your feet and the more hours you dedicate, the more it pays off.”

Good players present with two qualities according to Perez, character and love of the game, some insight on what character really means to him.

“Character has to do with when you're on the field playing and things aren’t going right or your team is down. That's when you show what character you really have, showing up for your teammates still and making sure they are still doing alright, that’s what it’s all about.”

To finish off the interview with Coach Hugo, I talked to him about our eleven Rush core values, asking Perez what he thought the most important value was for him.  

“Accountability. You have to be accountable, when you start something you have to finish it and finish it the right way.”

Thank you Coach Hugo for all you’ve done for our players, coaches, and staff at Fremont Rush!

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